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Perun brewary - Behemoth and Classic beers

Bottle of BAFOMET beer


Extr. 25%
Alc: 11,6% Vol.
Beer style RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT. Intense sensations of coffee, chocolate, smoky and caramel sweetness topped by a particular roasted bitterness. The beer is complex, liquory and oily, for lengthy savouring.
Water. Malts: Pilsen,caramel wheat, chocolate, caramel, malt extract, oat flakes, roasted barley.Hops: Iunga, Sybilla. Vanilla. Top fermenting yeast: S04.
Bottle of Heretyk beer


Extr: 13%
alc: 5.5% Vol.
Beer style AMERICAN AMBER ALE. It dominates the aroma and flavour of hops: citrus, mango, resin. Intense and complex malt notes: caramel, biscuit, cookies. Moderate bitterness balancing malt sweetness
Water, Barley malts, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Sacrum beer


Extr. 15.0% wt.
Alc. 6,2% Vol.
Pale beer in a Belgian-style, dry hopped with Australian varieties. Hoppy aroma of exotic fruits (mango, pineapple, passion fruit) balanced with malt sweetness and fruit-ester notes. The taste is complex and intense: delicate hops, malty, fruity and pepper piquancy. Moderate bitterness ensures sessionability.
Water, Barley malts, Wheat malt, Oat flakes, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Profanum beer


Black IPA
Extr. 13% wt.
Alc. 5.6% Vol. 500 ml.
Beer in the style of Black IPA - American dark ALE. Enchants with a clear citrus aroma and the taste of American hops, delicate coffee and chocolate malt notes. The taste is light, session, with a distinct bitterness.
Water, barley malts, wheat malt, roasted barley, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Jasny grom beer

Jasny grom

Extr: 13.1%
alc: 5.6% Vol.
American pale ale - charms with an intense aroma of American hops, grapefruit, lemon and mango. The taste is light and refreshing, with a delicate hint of caramel and pleasant bitter finish.
Water, Barley malts, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Oblewanie perperuny beer

Oblewanie perperuny

extr. 13%
alc. 5,2% vol.
Pale Belgian-style beer. Malty, gentle biscuit aroma mixed with sweet fruits. The taste is complex, malty-ester feelings combined with delicate peppery zest. Bitterness is balanced with a mild hop flavour. A session beer with moderate sweetness.
Water, Barley malts, CaraMalt, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Noc kupały beer

Noc kupały

Extr: 15%
alc: 6.4% Vol.
Black beer dry hopped with Polish varieties. Heavily roasted and gentle chocolate flavour mixed with a resin-spicy hop note. Complex, robust flavour with balanced bitterness.
Water, Barley malts, Roasted barley, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Kraina Welesa beer

Kraina Welesa

Extr. 19,0%
Alc: 8,2% Vol.
Strong, complex beer, RUSSIAN IMPERIAL STOUT style. Chocolate, coffee, roasted notes, slightly caramel and biscuit ,with clear and countering bitterness. Gently warms, providing paramount taste sensations.
Water. Malts: Pilsen, Munich, wheat, caramel, roasted barley, malt chocolate, oat flakes. Hops: Iunga, Sybilla. Top fermenting yeast: S04.
Bottle of Sabat czarownic beer

Sabat czarownic

Extr: 13%
alc: 5.8% Vol.
Dark wheat German-style beer Dunkelweizen. The banana-clove aroma with subtle flavour of chocolate and biscuits. Sweet, but with a dry finish and minimal bitterness.
Water, Barley malts, Wheat malt, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Serce dębu beer

Serce dębu

Extr. 13.1% wt.
Alc. 5.5% Vol.
Beer in the style of AMERICAN BROWN ALE - with complex malt flavours: cakes, biscuits, coffee. Brisk and balanced taste, with a pleasant and distinctive bitterness.
Water, barley malts, Hops, Oak chips, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Orzechowy gaj beer

Orzechowy gaj

extr. 13%
alc. 5,6% vol.
Caramel, chocolate and roasted notes combined with typical for British ales floral-spicy aroma and herbal bitterness. Beer with a pleasant, complex aroma, moderate sweetness taste with mild bitterness and dry finish.
Water, Barley malts, Roasted barley, Hops, Top fermenting yeast.
Bottle of Dziedzictwo Marynka beer

Dziedzictwo Marynka

Pale Ale Single Hop
Extr. 13,0%
Alc: 5,6% Vol.
PALE ALE SINGLE HOP, hoped with one variant of Polish hops. Prominent hop aromas of pine, spice and slightly citrusy. The delicate taste of maltiness with a hint of caramel and concrete bitterness. Refreshing beer, presenting the qualities of the MARYNKA hop.
Water. Malts: Pilsen, Munich, caramel. Hop: Marynka (granulate and fresh cone). Top fermenting yeast: US05.

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens

At the beginning of 2014 one family decided to create something crazy and  get out of a rut. They decided to set up a craft brewery. They happened to meet Adam Czogalla – an experienced home brewer and started brewing beer in a leased brewery.

So as not to follow the well-trodden paths, they chose Perun – the Slavic god of lightning and thunder as a patron of their brewery,. Every single beer produced by the  Perun brewery receives a unique name and label referring to Slavic culture. In the brewing process not only  worldwide known hops are used, but also domestic , alluding to the centuries-old tradition of Polish brewing.

Another idea developing a sense of the brewery  identity was the establishment of a close cooperation with the metal band Behemoth, which is highly controversial in Poland.
Thus, in 2015 the first beers were brewed in cooperation with the band: Sacrum, Profanum and Heretic.


At the beginning of 2017, our dream came true, we completed the construction of a stationary brewery in Budziszyn near Warsaw. The idea of ​​our brewery is to brew uncompromisingly tasty beer (based only on natural ingredients), not avoiding less known and less popular styles.

One thing is certain: we want PERUN brand to be synonymous with high quality beer!

Place An

We would love to cater to each demeaning individual, so when you’ll be picking up some Craft Beers at your favourite shop, just drop a question: “When are they planning to have something in stock from PERUN Brewery?” Shop owners could then pressure wholesalers / importers to get in touch with us. The thirst is alive and we do want to deliver!


with us

BR Perun S.A.

ul. Wiśniowa 19
05-500 Piaseczno
tel: +48 22 726 75 57
email: [email protected]
email: [email protected]

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